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Garage door bearings and rollers

Here you can surely find the answers to all your questions regarding garage door systems, components and their problems

What are the usual problems with pulleys?

Pulleys are major components of extension garage door spring systems and they may easily wear if their ball bearings get damaged. The pulleys could also split in two and, in this case, the garage door cable will stick. Consequently, damaged pulleys will cause the door to open partially and then stop or jam.

Why does the garage door open very slowly?

Every garage door opener has a force adjustment control and new doors are usually set with minimal force. For a well balanced door, the force setting should be minimal. Do not adjust the door to a high force setting especially if the door is not balanced correctly.

How long can I expect my garage door to last?

Garage doors can last at least 10 years. If you have been maintaining your garage door well by having it checked and tuned-up regularly, then it could last 20 years or even longer. You may check the manual to have a better expectation as garage doors and openers are built to last different lifespans.


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