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Did You Complete Garage Door Maintenance Properly

02/22/2014 Back To Blog

Even if you don't do handiwork around the house much, the inspection of the garage door mechanism is not hard. Of course, if you want to make yourself useful and repair some damaged parts, you must get the appropriate tools and acquire some knowledge. The frequency of garage door maintenance would be determined by the age and condition of the parts but, as an overall, it is wise to check and repair every two months. The specialists of garage door repair Sun City need to remind you that if some parts get damaged in the meantime, they must be fixed at once.Did You Complete Garage Door Maintenance Properly

Detect the damaged parts

You must leave nothing out. You must check all garage door parts one by one: hinges, cables, springs, screws, tracks, openers and all other small or bigger components, which make up this amazing and complicated machine. They may all affected by different temperatures or need to be replaced. A good inspection will enable you to evaluate the needs of your mechanism before you proceed with repairs.

Don't let the springs without lubrication

It is obvious that vital parts like the garage door springs will be checked thoroughly because their bad condition will not only cancel the proper functioning of the door but they can threaten your safety. You need to give attention to their operation and check whether they make unnecessary sounds. Lubrication maintenance is usually the best solution to ugly noises and keeps springs flexible but if you see that their condition is not improved, you should replace them.

Check the wires of the opener

You must remember to unplug the unit before you repair it and you must check the wires often. They might get disconnected or chewed by animals and you need to make sure that the opener communicates perfectly with the sensors as well as the remote controls.

Is the door in the tracks?

Loose cables and damaged garage door tracks will not allow the proper movement of rollers and the door will be driven off tracks. You must make sure that each part fulfills its mission, so that you can be sure of your security.

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